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May 2022

Episode12- A Celebration with the Fans (updated)

Can you believe it, Scarleteers? It's episode 12 and that means it's been one year of the Scarleteer podcast! We celebrate with talking to more fans of the Scarleteer fanmily and we toast 12 successful podcast episodes. Here's to many, many more. ~ Amanda, Isabel, & Lynsey

Apr 2022

Ep 11- Delilah & Dr. Edwards

This month, we talk to Maria Guiver and Barry McKiernan who played Delilah, the one eyed prostitute, and Dr. Edwards/Hardwood. We ask them about their time together in drama school and they look back on their time on the Miss Scarlet and The Duke sets. We had a good craic speaking with Maria and Barry. 

Mar 2022

Ep 10- Richard James

We have our first S2 guest, Richard James. But we don't talk S2 just yet (no spoilers!) We talk about acting and writing in the world of Victorian England. Richard is an accomplished actor and a multitalented writer and we dive into his many projects and how that gives him a unique perspective into the Victorian world of Miss Scarlet & The Duke.


Richard James' Twitter

Richard James' website 

Old map site mentioned by Richard

Scarleteers' website

Feb 2022

Episode 9- Frank Jenkins

We had the delight in talking to the roguish Danny Midwinter about the oddly loveable but underhanded Detective Frank Jenkins. I don't ever think we laughed as much as we did with Danny.  We hope you laugh as much as we did.  ENJOY!!



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Jan 2022

Episode 8- Rupert Parker

We dive into the character Rupert Parker with none other than the actor who portrayed him, Andrew Gower. We get behind the scenes tidbits, exclusives, and acting knowledge for this talented actor who has been in numerous worldwide hits. 


Websites for more info in the podcast:

Humpty Fu*king Dumpty

Andrew Gower's Twitter

Andrew Gower's Instagram

Andrew Gower News- Facebook Page


Dec 2021

Episode 7- Episode Titles & their meanings



In this episode we talk about each episode's titles and what it meant for the episode. We also talk about the upcoming season and speculated on what each episode could be about based on the titles.  This is purely out guess and our guesses only.  We had a bit of fun and we can't wait to see how wrong we are!  

Oct 2021

Episode 6- costumes

This month we talk about the amazing costumes of Miss Scarlet & the Duke and were joined by the gorgeous Leonie Prendergast, who is the costumer designer for season one. 

Oct 2021

Episode 5- Eliza‘s Family

In this episode we talk about Eliza's family- Henry and Ivy. 

Sep 2021

Episode 4- Above and Beyond Fans

This one is a particularly great one. We talk to fans who have gone above and beyond being just regular fans. This is a love note to Miss Scarlet & the Duke and a testament to what a great show it is and what a wonderful fandom the Scarleteers have become. We echo all of these sentiments twice over. It's a long episode but we guarantee its a great one and full of love for this wonderful show. 

Aug 2021

Episode 3: Moses

In this we talk about "Just Moses" who is anything but just Moses. We have a great discussion about the character Moses and we are excited to welcome our first guest, Amanda-Rae Prescott. 

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